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What Happens to Old Tyres?

Posted September 21st, 2012 at 01:09 pm by admin
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We’re all familiar with “Springfield’s Tyre Yard”, in the popular American animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Claimed as the town’s landmark, the tyres at the yard ...

Insights into Different Car Insurance Rates

Posted April 01st, 2012 at 06:04 pm by admin
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In order to have your car on the road, it must pass a safety inspection and you must have valid insurance for the vehicle. It ...

Tips on Getting Auto Insurance in Ohio

Posted September 21st, 2011 at 08:09 am by admin
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While it’s true that young drivers are likely see their Ohio auto insurance premiums decrease as they get older and become more experienced on ...

Three for the Road: New 2011 Models

Posted November 14th, 2010 at 08:11 pm by admin
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Autumn’s arrival brings the latest car models. Some updates involve little more than a tweak here or a little more horsepower there. But for car ...

What Happens to Old Tyres?

We’re all familiar with “Springfield’s Tyre Yard”, in the popular American animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Claimed as the town’s landmark, the tyres at the yard have been alight for decades, with a smell that can be enjoyed in forty-six states across the nation. The reality is, the disposal of used tyres is no laughing matter. It’s a real global concern, representing one of the world’s largest sources of waste due to the sheer number of tyres produced to keep our planet moving. That’s why brands like Kumho tyres take careful consideration and appropriate measures to ensure used tyres have a lesser impact on the global environment. So what exactly happens to our old tyres once we’ve used them? This article is here to clear the air and provide some useful insights into a tyre’s life once the rubber clears the road.

For manufacturers, it all starts long before the tyre itself is rolled out for sale and purchase in the retail environment. Today, advanced research, innovation and product development is helping to create longer-lasting tyres that are safer, and help to trim down overall wastage. Common procedures include improving the rubber compounds used to create the tyre, and the camber of the tyre to achieve optimum performance from your tyres while driving. The manufacturing process itself represents an important stage in the life of a tyre. Process efficiency and quality manufacturing are leading factors in play for manufacturers, factors that help to minimise waste at the point of production. Once the tyre is delivered and ready for retail sale, the retailers themselves can work to reduce wastage too. At Kmart Tyre and Auto Service, inventory is carefully managed to ensure the optimum life span for tyres is achieved. In addition to this, when a customer purchases a tyre from Kmart Tyre and Auto, they’ll receive expert advice on how to get the best use out of their tyres, tyre safety, and tyre maintenance including guidance on rotating tyres and finding the optimum tyre pressure to match driving conditions, and lifestyle. So the next time you replace your tyres, be sure to ask the retail outlet what responsibility they’ll take to ensure the tyre is either disposed of in a way that causes a lesser impact to the environment, or whether the tyre itself will be recycled for reuse in new products. For the latter, common scenarios include processing the used rubber into new goods such as shoe soles and basketball courts, into asphalt, into the manufacturing of new tyres, using the used rubber as a fuel source, and using the rubber in environmentally friendly buildings seeking to reuse materials.

Tyre recycling is a great way to lessen the environmental impact created from burning tyres, which can cause excessive pollution and emissions. So the next time you find yourself buying new tyres for your vehicle, be sure to ask what’ll happen to your old set, and how you can get the most out of your new set, as we can all play an active role in making sure our tyres do the right thing, on and off the road.

Insights into Different Car Insurance Rates

In order to have your car on the road, it must pass a safety inspection and you must have valid insurance for the vehicle. It is a major penalty to be caught driving without proper insurance. In the case that you have an accident without insurance, the penalties could result in jail time. There are dozens of insurance companies which offer various plans and options, but regardless of the company there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Your cost will reflect the value of the car. There are many cheap cars to insure and the amount you pay is dependent on how much it costs you (or the insurance company) to repair it. For example, if you get hit by someone else and there are repairs to be made to your vehicle, it costs the company more money to fix a more expensive car. Naturally this will be reflected in the amount you pay your company for coverage. If you have a foreign car with more expensive parts, then it is likely that you would pay more for insurance as repair bills are higher.

The area you live in and the amount of distance you cover will also reflect your payment amounts. Even if you do have a cheap car to insure, if you drive a lot your premium will be higher than someone who does not travel as much. Also, if you live in an area with many people and large highways, your premium is also more expensive than it would be for the same cheap car in a desolate area with fewer people. The more people on your roads, the more likely an accident will occur, and therefore the higher your premiums.

It is important to do your research and talk to a few companies before making your decision. There are various coverage options that you will also have to decide upon. Furthermore, each company’s rates will vary (even for the same coverage amount), so make sure you compare apples to apples. There are also discounts available if you go with the same company for house insurance or for multiple car coverage from the same company. The moral of the story is that we all have to pay for insurance, so do your research to guarantee that you can save all the money you can!

What Are Auto Transport Companies

Auto transport companies are companies that provide motorcycle, car, RV and boat shipping services. They are the most efficient and reliable way to ensure your auto mobile is shipped in a convenient and safe way.

The companies make your transport tasks easier whether you are shipping from within a local region or overseas. Auto transport companies come in handy with some offering comprehensive shipping services while others may specialize in shipment of specific auto mobiles only. Therefore, when looking for shipment services, it is imperative to learn of the type of services that a company offers.

Auto transport companies use different shipment methods. Some ship an auto mobile using a truck because it is convenient, while other companies use boats and trains to ship your car, motorbike, RV or boat. However, the standard mode of transportation that many companies use is the truck or normal method. Additionally, these companies can work directly with clients while others use brokers to reach out to their clients. Therefore, when seeking transport services say for your car, inquire and learn of the channels of communication a company employs. Most companies that use brokers deliver fast services compared to companies that work directly with their clients. For this reason, determine your personal needs and settle for a company that offers services that perfectly meet your needs.

The role of auto transport companies is to help clients with every shipment process. This includes planning out the entire shipment trip, actual movement of an auto mobile and dealing with any potential issue that may arise during a shipment. They ensure that clients experience a smooth, stress free and a fast shipment process irrespective of the location that a shipment is being made.

They provide shipping services in an inexpensive and a highly professional way. However, when choosing a company for your shipment it is important to consider a number of factors including the cost of service delivery, reputation of the company, type of shipment
services that a company offers and the experience in the field. In conclusion, auto transport companies are typically very reliable and can make your shipment pain free and can help you accomplish your task of getting your automobile shipped in a relatively short period of time.

Used Sports Cars: Manufacturer Approved Cars & Tips on Buying a Used Sports Car

Have you ever viewed that gorgeous sports car, that Porsche Carrera or Mercedes SLK, or perhaps a recent BMW Z4 or an Audi TT, and wished that you could afford to buy one but you know that really it would be just a little self-indulgent? There are many sites that can give you the option to buy these cars that you have always dreamed of, such as

One unexpectedly great thing about expensive sports cars is that they lose much of their value over just the first two or three years. It is quite possible to find four year old models of those cars mentioned above that have covered as little as 20,000 miles or even less and are on sale at less than half the price than they were originally sold for.

All the above manufacturers also offer manufacture approved used cars that come with a fully comprehensive guarantee, generally for a minimum of 12 months and sometimes even longer.

Manufacturer approved used sports cars are really an excellent buy and they take all the worry and pain out of the purchasing process. All the cars undergo stringent tests to ensure that they are safe and that there are no fundamental problems with them. They also have full car data checks and mostly have just one or two previous owners.

Naturally you can source models which are as good from non-franchised car traders and even privately, but if you do so you are taking a greater risk – though you can probably negotiate lower prices. If you know exactly what you are doing then this is fine, but if you don’t then the manufacturer approved used sports car route is a safer option.

Bear in mind too that even if the seller is unable to offer a warranty, then you can still purchase one. There are a number of warranty suppliers that will supply various levels of warranty from basic ones that cover the most common faults right through to all-encompassing ones that cover just about anything that can go wrong even if it is caused by wear and tear. Naturally the more comprehensive the cover the more expensive they are.

Tips on Getting Auto Insurance in Ohio

While it’s true that young drivers are likely see their Ohio auto insurance premiums decrease as they get older and become more experienced on the road, older drivers might see their premiums rise when they reach 65 years of age. As a generalization, people are considered higher risk drivers when they get to around 65 and beyond.

Response time, alertness, mobility and eyesight can all become impaired as you get older, which is why insurance companies will often increase premiums for elderly drivers. Driving at night can be especially problematic for elderly drivers, who appear to be less likely to spot hazards quickly.

But it’s not all bad news for older drivers. Drivers over 55 often receive discounts because they are considered less likely to speed and cause accidents, and if you can prove that at 65 you are still just as competent on the road as you have always been, your premium is likely to remain unchanged. Enrolling in an accredited driver safety course can also show that you are committed to staying safe on the road.

Also, if you keep your travelling distances down, you can receive low mileage discounts – people who spend less time driving may be statistically less likely to be involved in an accident.

If you’re a retiree in the Buckeye State, auto insurance is probably one of many expenses you would prefer to keep to a minimum. Has your premium gone up because of your advancing years?

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